Hope Amidst the Fury

The opening voice-over will give you chills, the explosions will melt your face, and the pauses in the action will make you feel like you have never felt before. Mad Max: Fury Road, is the quintessential, modern-day, action film. It may not yet be George Miller’s magnum opus, but it certainly comes close to achieving perfection.

fury road 3

Max Rockatansky is a man, a myth, and a legend all rolled into one. In Fury Road, he is also a catalyst. It’s hard to say that he is the main character in the film. It’s just as much Max’s world as it is Furiosa’s and when they team up, the world around them literally bursts into flames.

Fury road 1

Chase, the perfect word to describe Fury Road. With each chapter in the Mad Max franchise, Australia becomes more and more desolate.The Citadel, one of the last somewhat green dystopias is where Fury Road begins. Immortan Joe’s property is stolen from him, and he is out to get it back at whatever the cost, even if that cost is driving into a flaming tornado within a dust storm. From the get go, the action rarely lets up, but when it does the story unfolds and is thrown right into your face.

fury road 2

Immortan Joe is a godlike figure to the people around his Citadel. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s the one that controls life in the wasteland. He holds the key to the water supply, gasoline, and even life itself. His “wives” are taken from him, and written in their prison where they once resided are the words, “We are not things.” That is the message he is left with, and the message Miller wants everyone to leave the film with. People are people, everyone should be equal, and no one belongs to anyone else.

Fury road 4

The effects of Fury Road are just exceptional. There’s fiery tornadoes, explosions everywhere, gun fights, fist fights, chain saws, and someone shredding on a guitar atop a vehicle mid-chase. The last chase in the film is the best. It’s a perfect homage to The Road Warrior, but it’s on a jacked up level of action all its own.

fury road

There isn’t one thing to complain about in Fury Road, unless you’re upset by the fact that it has to end. Even when the action pauses, the emotion that fills the screen keeps the film going. There are points where you will tear up as you just keep rooting for Max, and Furiosa, and everyone on their side, and by the end you are left hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the next chapter.


Fury Road is a modern-day masterpiece in storytelling and cinematic prowess. It can’t be praised enough. I highly suggest you don’t just sit around like a blood bag. Get out and go see it!


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