Hope Amidst the Fury

The opening voice-over will give you chills, the explosions will melt your face, and the pauses in the action will make you feel like you have never felt before. Mad Max: Fury Road,… Continue reading

A Girl, A Skateboard, & Finger Food

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is a slow burn. Nothing crazy happens, you don’t end up shocked or terrified. It just feels a little uncomfortable throughout. Ana Lily Amirpour directs with a… Continue reading

On Galactica and Gender

I went through a bit of a hiatus posting anything.  We can all blame Battlestar Galactica. I’ve tried watching the 2004 series about three times and have never been able to get past… Continue reading

The Futurescape Within HER

The human race is constantly looking towards the future, and film is one outlet  used to craft any future that one can imagine. Hollywood is constantly churning out films about the future in… Continue reading

The Walking Dead Resurrected

I will say initially, there are some spoilers throughout for those who haven’t seen the series, up to and including Season 4. The Walking Dead has been a show riddled with production issues… Continue reading